A structure is only as strong as its foundation.
An aerobic base is the essential foundation needed for overall Fitness. 
This circuit class gives you many different stations of exercises to move between. Working every part of your body multiple times. Go at your own pace for 30-60 seconds then move to the next.. Build your foundation! Get fit and toned.
Suitable for all fitness levels and experience
Class length 45 mins


High intensity interval training. Hiit 
You’ve read about it in men’s/woman’s health or in the Sunday times. 
Its tough but it burns more calories than anything else. 
Push yourself and reap the rewards! 
Not recommended for complete beginners to exercise
Class time no longer than 35mins 


A circuit class that can be continuous or broken into intervals. 
Using combative movements, Hammers, tyres, battle ropes, slam balls, punch bags. 
Done in pairs and single it’s fun and demanding. 
Let some frustration out!!!!!
Suitable for all levels and experience
Class length 45mins


Made famous by CrossFit these are workouts where you compete against the clock. 

A series of exercises done as quickly as possible or as many times as possible in a set time. Every work out is different and you’ll find them on the white board every day.  You work as hard as you can. Test yourself and remember your score!! Suitable for all levels and experience although not recommended for complete beginners. Can be in teams and individual. 
class length 45 mins 


Focus on your glutes, legs and core. Using bands, isolation exercises and more fit into your skinny jeans to perfection 

suitable for all fitness levels and experience 
class length 45 mins

Want to lift some heavy weight? Get stronger? Build some muscle? This is the class for you. 
A full body workout that focuses on lifting in the 1-12 rep range. 
If you are an experienced lifter or a beginner this class is suitable for you. A small amount of lifting experience is suggested. 
For ladies as much as the gentlemen. 
class length 60mins 


This class uses suspension training equipment and kettle bells to give you a full body workout focusing on strength and cardio at the same time whilst building your core.

Class time:- 45 mins


Skype sessions and phone calls are available with a physio. They last between 20-30 minutes.
These are bookable in the appointments section.
There will be classes where you can get some time slots to go through the exercises and injuries with the physio in person 


An essential class for every fitness regime.   
Mainly vinyasa flow and dynamic classes. 
Suitable for all levels and experience 
class time 60 - 75 mins

OVER 60'S CLASS  (Free)

This is a free class for members of the local communities over 60's brigade. It will enable the older generation to build and maintain vital muscles to continue to allow you to live life to the full. 

Please sign Up and book via the website or the mindbody app.