Joe has successfully trained me for an amazing 14 years - nearly 3 times a week on average.

Given I lead a very busy life in traveling in the art world and ridiculously over indulge in food and wine - Joe has been amazing in helping me lose over five stone in weight in our first 18 months, motivating me to keep training every week, and he checks up that I'm putting in the effort if I'm away.

He has helped me stay fit and kept my weight down over the past 14 years with no relapse. He has reliably come to my house at 7am or even 5:45am sometimes to accommodate my crazy schedule and takes me to Battersea park or Hyde park to train.

The routine is never dull, he always makes me laugh, rarely do I think about the training I'm going through but I come out after each hour thinking - wow - I'm proud of myself and proud that Joe has loyally, reliably and in a fun way made exercise part of my way of life.... and I'm still alive and now he is part of my weekly schedule whenever I'm in London - a rare and impressive personal trainer.... what more could I say!

Phillip Hoffman - CEO The Fine Art Fund

I have severe degenerative arthritis of all joints and would not be walking if it were not for Joe's training, care, and encouragement, He knows how to treat different conditions with the appropriate exercises. He has made a big difference in my life.

Madeleine O'Connell

Joe has been training me for just over 6 months now. I regret that I didn't discover him years ago! He is superb. Tough, thoughtful, encouraging and pushes me too. He is realistic and yet ambitious. He is impeccably organised, professional and fun to work with. I highly recommend him.

Amanda Mackenzie OBE

Joe has been involved with all of my family, and their fitness, in many capacities over the years. Joe has trained both my husband and myself for a decade. He now also trains my teenage boys. He also coached my boys in rugby when they were young.

I cannot recommend him more highly. He is versatile ( managing very different levels of fitness and application ) and conscientious. An added bonus is that he is great company! So much so that my boys have always wanted to train with him. Even now as teenagers!

He has helped me through injury and kept my husband motivated. Joe is talented and highly reliable.

Suzy Murphy

Joe is an outstanding personal trainer as well as being a good guy. I started with him around 8 years ago after I ruptured my Achilles tendon and was in plaster. As well as helping my rehab, he was creative in coming up with one legged fitness work. Since then, He's been a weekly feature of my health and fitness programme. Previous periodic lower back problems have not recurred and I look on the spend as an investment in my health.

Joe has loads of technical Knowledge, is always introducing new exercises and bits of kit ( no two sessions are ever the same ) and is challenging in a supportive way. His assistants, Dragon and Percy, are less effective though in fairness excellent on their core skills of running around and eating twigs.

David Dench

Joe's been training me for about 10 years, Through fitness and injury and back to fitness, for old sports an new ones. Always good company, always pushing for better, always observant, always trying new exercises to stretch and interest. I cant recommend him highly enough.

Het Marsh

Joe has trained me for the last 5 years - He trained my husband for many more! He took me on as someone who had never done anything before and was amazing at being encouraging and enthusiastic and going from fast walking to safely getting me running non stop for 45 minutes! I run three times a week now thanks to him. ( He was aware I was seeing a cardiologist and I totally trusted him to keep me within my safe zone )

I highly recommend him as being totally professional, kind, encouraging and he makes the hour pass quickly as he makes it pretty fun too! He mixes up the exercises too so it's never boring.

Nicola Hoffman.

I have known Joe for over 7 years and have trained with him on and off throughout that time ( more on than off). Joe is a great motivator. I have clearly seen results and more importantly over that 7 year period I have been at various stages of health and wellbeing, some of which have been recovering from surgery ( knee and shoulder ) and he has been great a the rehabilitation piece of getting me back on track to achieve my fitness goals. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Paula Fallowfield.

I moved over to London from New York and was recommended to Joe by a work colleague. My experience was awesome - he pushed me when I needed to be pushed and laughed along with me as my confidence and strength grew. My sessions were always varied and actually realy fun, something I looked forward to at the end of a work day. We worked together to improve my overall fitness and focused on areas I needed to strengthen. I was so happy with the results and would still be training if I had not moved back to NYC.                One in a million - can not recommend him enough.

Rebecca O'donnell